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The Low-Down on High Fructose Corn Syrup

By Sarah Axtell, ND on October 20, 2011

We all hear that we are supposed to avoid high fructose corn syrup, but do you know why? There is a great article highlighting the rationale of avoiding the sweet stuff published on the Weston A. Price foundation website. Here are the basics:… Read More

Eating With the Seasons

By Sarah Axtell, ND on October 5, 2011

Fall is here! This means that many of our favorite berries, tomatoes, and fresh herbs are no longer available. However, fall’s greatest bounties are now showing up in brightly colored fashion at farmer’s market. Pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, kale, and parsnips are some of the… Read More

Six Signs that You are Healthy

By Sarah Axtell, ND on August 27, 2011

Ever wonder how healthy you currently are or how healthy you could be? When the body is off balance, it lets us know through symptoms. We must pay attention to these symptoms and value the wisdom that the body is offering us. As a naturopathic… Read More

Goat’s vs. Cow’s Milk

By Sarah Axtell, ND on July 24, 2008

We all know the numerous benefits of mama’s milk, such as protection against infections, prevention of allergies, and boosting your child’s intelligence to name a few. Ideally, children should be breastfed for 2 years. But at some point (preferably after 12 months), you will likely… Read More

Beans, Beans, Beans

By Sarah Axtell, ND on July 24, 2008

Beans are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and when paired with rice or another whole grain, they are considered a complete protein. They are great finger foods for toddlers by themselves and also make delicious meals. I prefer to buy… Read More

Don’t be afraid to spice it up!

By Sarah Axtell, ND on July 24, 2008

Kids have a blank slate as far as their palates go. Once they start eating solids (at around 6 mos), adding spices to their food is a must! Gradually work in more spices- start out with the more mild ones (garlic, dried… Read More

Tasty Tahini Treats

By Sarah Axtell, ND on July 24, 2008

Tahini is a delicious spread made from ground sesame seeds. It is often added to hummus and other mediterranean dips. It is packed full of Calcium (who says you can only get calcium from milk?!), Copper, and Magnesium. Tahini is also full of… Read More

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