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Lessons From The Blue Zones Workshop

Bylakesidend April 4, 2022

It’s not just how long we live, it’s also how well we live.

People in Blue Zones cultures not only live longer lives, but they often live better lives- with health, meaning, and love. 

Blue Zones are places in the world that not only have high concentrations of 100 year-olds, but also high numbers of people who have grown old without diseases like heart problems, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. Dr. Sarah Axtell recently visited one of the Blue Zones, Nicoya, Costa Rica, to research the lifestyle of the world’s longest living people.

In this workshop, Dr. Axtell will share the longevity secrets of the Blue Zones and also demo some delicious recipes inspired by her recent trip to the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. The workshop will be offered both as live stream video or video recording you can watch when it is convenient for you. Those who choose to attend the workshop in-person will get to enjoy samples of these recipes! 

In the Press: This event was published in Natural Awakenings Magazine in 2022

Photos from Dr. Axtell’s recent trip to the Nicoya Peninsula

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