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Food Sensitivities

If you suffer from chronic constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, headaches, acne, eczema, psoriasis, anxiety (really, the list could go on and on), you may have an underlying food sensitivity. Most people know if they are allergic to a food, such as peanuts or shellfish. But food sensitivities often get missed.

Common symptoms of food sensitivities are:

Nasal congestion                   Puffy Eyes                              Gas, Bloating

Frequent Colds                      Mental Fogginess                  Mood Changes

Headaches, Migraines        Joint Pain, Arthritis             Diarrhea or Constipation

Testing for Food Sensitivities:

The best way to find out if you have food sensitivities is to have your blood tested.

Your immune system responds to food you are sensitive to by creating antibodies against that food. These antibodies are measurable in your blood and can be key in determining your food sensitivities. At Lakeside Natural Medicine, we offer a test to assess for food sensitivities to 96 general foods.

Identifying food sensitivities is one of the first steps to healing the gut.

Naturopathic wellness services are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment from your medical treatment provider.


I was diagnosed with IBS in July of 2022, and I struggled with my diet, always feeling bloated and sick to my stomach. My primary care physician prescribed a drug for my symptoms, and after taking this medication for six months I found no improvement in my condition. I found out about Lakeside Natural Medicine from a family member, and I saw my first Naturopathic Doctor- Katarina Meister, and it changed everything. Dr. Meister helped me with my diet and recommended certain supplements to regulate, and actually work at healing my intestines so that I could successfully stop the prescription I was taking. I am so grateful for Dr. Meister’s help!! I think she’s great, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from IBS and wants to find healing without prescription medications.

—GWJ,70 year oldFemale

I have been seeing Dr. Meister for my hormonal and digestion issues. She is the only medical provider that actually listened and tested what my body was actually producing and not producing. With the actual information she had she was able to treat me with the proper hormonal and digestive supplements/ medications. She worked with my family doctor for even a smoother course of treatment. I’ve had endometriosis and gut issues for years and no help after seeing many specialists and spending thousands of dollars. Dr. Meister has been the only provider to actually help and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in years!

It’s amazing to actually feel good and help spread my great success with lakeside to help others with issues they have struggled with for years. Not a single regret! The best ever!

—JG,43 year oldFemale

I visited Dr. Joanne Aponte after I discovered I had h. pylori bacteria in my system. My medical doctor put me on antibiotics that I had to stop taking after 24 hours due to intense side effects that included severe diarrhea and an extremely upset stomach. Dr. Aponte had me take some supplements for 30 days and at the end a medical test proved that the bacteria was no longer an issue. lt was a painless, side-effect minus protocol. Additionally, the recommendations from Dr. Aponte not only solved my immediate problem it also put me on a path to intestinal healing that has been an issue for me for years and years. I was unprepared for how wonderful it felt to once again not have an upset stomach after every meal I ate. I continue taking some supplements and have not had any of my past discomfort reappear. I cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to Dr. Aponte and the staff at Lakeside who have been unfailingly kind and professional at every visit. I will most definitely include Lakeside going forward with any health-related issues I have.

—AA,74 year oldFemale

We feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Axtell. We originally sought treatment for my youngest child who has had food intolerances since birth. Despite having a wholesome diet and being an overall very healthy child, she was experiencing significant joint-pain that was progressively getting worse. Dr. Axtell provided supplements and we notice significant relief within days. Since then, we have been able to reintroduce most foods and only very rarely have issues with pain or GI discomfort. Because of the amazing results with my youngest, I began working with Dr. Axtell myself. She quickly identified significant hormonal, gut, and nutritional imbalances. Prior to working with Dr. Axtell, I was eating a healthy diet (low in sugar and refined grains, and high in protein and vegetables) and exercising regularly. However, I had chronic fatigue, difficulty focusing, sleeping, controlling blood sugar, excessive water retention, and it was very difficult for me to lose weight. Dr. Axtell did extensive blood, stool, and hormone testing to determine a treatment plan. Since implementing her plan, I feel better than I have my entire adult life and I’ve lost over 30 pounds without making significant changes to my diet or exercise routine. I honestly look back and can’t believe how I made it through the days feeling as awful as I did. If would absolutely recommend Dr. Axtell without reservations to anyone who is looking to feel better and identify health issues not commonly identified by general practitioners.

—JB,38 year oldFemale

Dr. Joanne Aponte's bedside manner is both calm and patient. She listens intently and then explains her recommendations in great detail and then provides my wellness plan printed for my convenience. She is very knowledgeable in naturopathic medicine. With her help I am symptom free, feel great and know I am leading a healthier life than before knowing her. I strongly recommend Dr. Aponte.

—CS,61 year oldFemale

I wanted to write and thank Dr. Aponte for working with me this Spring. I feel like a new person- rested, calm and without pain. The guidance and care Dr. Aponte provided was the perfect solution to my health issues and I'm so grateful.

—CB,53 year oldFemale

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