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Children’s Natural Health

Building a solid foundation in childhood leads to a fulfilling, healthy life. While naturopathic doctors cannot be your child’s primary care provider in the state of Wisconsin, Dr. Axtell and Dr. Aponte can provide a naturopathic approach to supplement conventional care from your pediatrician. Dr. Axtell and Dr. Aponte tailor your child’s diet to his or her needs. In addition the naturopathic doctors can recommend natural remedies for your child’s health concern.

Even if your child is well, Dr. Axtell and Dr. Aponte can make recommendations for wellness vitamins and supplements as well as lifestyle choices to promote overall optimal health. Children respond very well to the non-toxic, gentle natural health and wellness recommendations of the naturopathic doctors at Lakeside Natural Medicine.

Naturopathic wellness services are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment from your medical treatment provider.


Dr. Axtell has provided excellent support and recommendations for our baby. Her compassion, wisdom, knowledge and caring personality all blend beautifully to help guide her patients toward balanced and harmonious health. Dr. Axtell is thorough, articulate and always follow through with us. These characteristics are so valuable in a naturopathic doctor and very important to me as a patient. We, as a family, are so thankful for Dr. Axtell’s help and guidance with out baby’s health and wellness.

—MR, mother of, 1 year old Male

Dr. Axtell, I have to thank you…. I must have been somewhat low progesterone for a while. I haven’t slept this good in a YEAR. Starting the second day I used the cream, I cannot believe how well I slept. How rested I feel. I’m so calm and tolerating life so much better, so much less stressed. I feel amazing. So thank you for what you do…. Based on my symptoms it all makes sense! I also really appreciate your integrity in partnering with my OB and my decisions. I’m glad I chose naturopathy!

—SN, 28 year old Female

Dr. Axtell spent many hours outside of my appointments reviewing my case and coming up with the best wellness plan to help my body heal at the cellular level. She also sees my children and clearly understands the needs of the growing and developing child. She understands physiology and biochemistry and the difference in curative vs. palliative medicine. Now I know the difference in just feeling well and true wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Axtell for those serious about getting to the root cause of any health challenge.

—CH, 40 year old Male

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