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Nutrition Workshops

Here at Lakeside we know that food is so much more than calories or fuel. It is information for our cells. Food can regulate gene expression, it can increase or decrease inflammation, it can balance hormones, it can modulate the immune system. It can be the source of what is ailing us or the most powerful medicine.

In the Blue Zone regions (regions known for their longevity), community or social support is thought to be a key factor to their longevity. That’s what we’re doing at Lakeside with our nutrition workshops- we gather (either virtually or in person) and provide support for achieving a higher level of wellness. Food is community, Food is connection.

We’ve offered over 30 workshops- topics ranging from Blue Zones to hormones to gut. These workshops typically include a presentation from the doctor, cooking demonstrations, Q&A with the doctor, and discussion between participants.  Participants take home presentation slides, handouts, and lots of healthy recipes to make implementing change both achievable and sustainable.

Current workshop recordings available for purchase:

Breaking the Fast- Breakfast Essentials Nutrition Workshop

Foods For Thought: Nutrition & Brain Health Workshop

Super Salads Workshop

Gut Reset Workshop by Dr. Katarina Meister

Lessons From The Blue Zones Workshop

Eat Well, Feel Well Through the Holidays

Photos by: Mattea Linea

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