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Fertility, Preconception Health and Pregnancy


Whether you are trying to conceive or wanting to optimize your health prior to conception, our naturopathic doctors can help. If you are having difficulties conceiving, know that you are not alone. Today, 1 in 5 couples experience fertility problems while trying to conceive. Naturopathic doctors can help you eliminate potential obstacles to becoming pregnant. Examples of these obstacles include hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, food allergies and sensitivities, and autoimmune processes. A fertility-enhancing plan may include:

  • Female Hormone Panel
  • Dietary and nutritional support
  • Toxic Exposure and Heavy Metal Assessment
  • Detoxification support
  • Hormone balancing therapies to address underlying female reproductive tract disorders
  • Stress management and lifestyle recommendations

For more on our approach to infertility and preconception health, see this blog post- https://lakesidenaturalmedicine.com/blog/the-naturopathic-approach-to-infertility/

Preconception Health

Preventative medicine in its truest sense is optimizing health prior to conception. Even before conception, the health of a woman’s body can affect the quality of her eggs, and the health of a man’s body can impact the quality of his sperm. The risk of allergies, asthma, developmental defects, behavioral abnormalities, autoimmune disease and diabetes can be reduced by improving the environment in which the baby lives. Our naturopathic doctors will work with you and your partner in becoming as healthy as possible before pregnancy. This is ideally done 3-6 months before conception. The preconception program may include:

  • Hormone Panel
  • Specific individualized diet plan
  • Toxic Exposure and Heavy Metal Assessment
  • Detoxification support
  • Hormonal support
  • Stress management and lifestyle recommendations

Pregnancy and Beyond

If you are already pregnant, congratulations! Pregnancy is a time of great joy and exciting anticipation. However, the unfavorable side effects, including nausea, fatigue, excessive weight gain, anxiety, depression, and varicose veins can be a real bummer.  Your naturopathic doctor will work with you to create a plan to optimize yours and your baby’s health during these 40 plus weeks. This will include:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for first, second and third trimesters
  • Natural and safe therapies to combat unfavorable side effects
  • Emotional support and stress management during the prenatal and postpartum period
  • Strategies to optimize labor and delivery
  • Education on childbirth options
  • Support for healthy lactation
  • Collaboration with your OB/GYN or midwife

Naturopathic wellness services are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment from your medical treatment provider.


Dr. Axtell, I have to thank you…. I must have been somewhat low progesterone for a while. I haven’t slept this good in a YEAR. Starting the second day I used the cream, I cannot believe how well I slept. How rested I feel. I’m so calm and tolerating life so much better, so much less stressed. I feel amazing. So thank you for what you do…. Based on my symptoms it all makes sense! I also really appreciate your integrity in partnering with my OB and my decisions. I’m glad I chose naturopathy!

—SN,28 year oldFemale

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