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Weight Loss- A Holistic Approach

Weight loss is a complex subject. No two individuals gain weight for the same reason and no two individuals lose it the same way. That is why an individualized approach is ideal. Our approach to weight loss is not calorie counting nor is it implementing a fad or starvation diet. It is a sustainable approach that may take a bit longer than your average diet, but it treats the cause as to why you gained weight in the first place and leaves you feeling lighter and healthier than when you started.

The underlying root of excess weight is inflammation. Excess weight creates a chemical-based inflammatory cascade, and excess weight then creates inflammation….so it is a viscous cycle that must be broken. This is addressed by an anti-inflammatory diet. This diet is primarily composed of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water also decreases overall body inflammation. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil is also anti-inflammatory.

Minimizing carbs, primarily in the form of grains, is the next step in my approach to weight loss. The first 4-7 days of the elimination of carbs promotes the burning of glycogen stores. Patients may temporarily feel fatigued and moody for these 4-7 days, but this is a sign that your biochemistry is changing to burn fat.

In addition to inflammation, toxicity is another area to address. Toxins are stored in adipose tissue (ie. fat tissue). A toxic body wants places to store toxins so there will be more of a tendency toward fat storage. The goal is to mobilize toxins out of the body by optimizing organs of elimination (specifically liver, gastrointestinal system, kidneys, lungs, and skin). This is accomplished primarily through biotherapeutic drainage (a gentle way to detox the body by discharging accumulated toxins), saunas, exercise, and detox-promoting supplements.

To address cravings, it is important to acknowledge WHY we have these cravings. Our bodies are wise at giving us messages, and cravings can give us some insight into our particular biochemistry. Cravings have less to do with willpower than they do with physiologic imbalances. For example, sweet cravings at night (ice cream, anyone?) are likely due to low serotonin levels. Serotonin is our feel-good hormone, and when your serotonin is low you feel sad or depressed. Sugars and simple carbs release short bursts of serotonin, making us feel good temporarily when we take that bite of ice cream but then leading to a crash. It’s a vicious cycle. For more information on cravings, see this previous post on what your food cravings reveal about you.

Appetite must be regulated if you want to lose weight. There are two hormones involved in appetite control. First, leptin is a hormone made by fat cells that tells us to “put the fork down.” It takes 30 minutes for the fat cells to produce leptin once you have started eating. Therefore, people who finish their food in 10 minutes and are still hungry have not yet reaped the benefit of this hormone. Believe it or not- fat is an intelligent tissue, giving us signals to stop eating. Try chewing each bite of food 30 times to maximize digestion and to slow down and allow your body to get the signal that you are full.

The second hormone involved in weight regulation is ghrelin. We like to refer to it as “grehmlin.” This is the hormone that is produced in the stomach and makes you hungry. It fights for common receptor sites as leptin and often wins, making you feel like a bottomless pit. To promote leptin sensitization and down-regulate ghrelin:

  • Try 1-2 tsps of apple cider vinegar in water 15- 30 minutes before meals.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil in warm water and drink 15-30 minutes before meals.
  • Exercise daily.

Get good quality sleep-if you are not sleeping, you will not make leptin. The hormones that regulate weight. appetite, and metabolism are inter-twined with ability to sleep. Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night in a completely dark room. Try to go to bed no later than 11pm.

Emotions surrounding food and weight must also be addressed. Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What are the costs of losing weight? Ex. naturopathic doctor office visits, vitamins, supplements and time
  2. What are the costs of not losing weight? Ex. Poor health, more medications down the road
  3. What are the benefits of losing weight? Ex. More self esteem, better libido
  4. What are the benefits of not losing weight? Perhaps this question has stumped you. But when you really truly think about it, there has to be a reason that is preventing you from losing weight. Maybe its because you will receive more attention that you don’t believe you deserve? Or maybe the weight is your source of protection shielding your from harm? Maybe people will have higher expectations of you when you lose weight? Whatever the reason, there is some emotional connection to your weight that is then preventing you from losing it for good. It is our goal to help you realize this potential obstacle and overcome it for good.

Lastly, an important concept to understand regarding weight loss is that calorie counting is not sustainable. All the popular weight loss programs, such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, etc, are based on calorie counting and can lead to temporary weight loss. However, the success rate of actually maintaining this weight loss is slim to none. This is because when the body is deprived of energy (or calories), it starts to think that it is starving. This leads to muscle break-down (because the body obtains more energy from muscle as compared to fat). When the body is in starvation mode, it starts to store fat. Low calorie diets cause disturbances in your metabolism, particularly slowing it down.

Vicious cycle of Diets: DIET (minimal calories)- -> decreased muscle mass–> decreased metabolism–> weight gain.

All of these areas are equally addressed in our weight loss program. The focus is primarily on achieving a higher state of wellness through intuitive eating and healthy lifestyle habits. This will lead to lifelong wellness rather than a temporary drop in a number on a scale.

Naturopathic wellness services are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment from your medical treatment provider.


I was diagnosed with IBS in July of 2022, and I struggled with my diet, always feeling bloated and sick to my stomach. My primary care physician prescribed a drug for my symptoms, and after taking this medication for six months I found no improvement in my condition. I found out about Lakeside Natural Medicine from a family member, and I saw my first Naturopathic Doctor- Katarina Meister, and it changed everything. Dr. Meister helped me with my diet and recommended certain supplements to regulate, and actually work at healing my intestines so that I could successfully stop the prescription I was taking. I am so grateful for Dr. Meister’s help!! I think she’s great, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from IBS and wants to find healing without prescription medications.

—GWJ,70 year oldFemale

I have been seeing Dr. Meister for my hormonal and digestion issues. She is the only medical provider that actually listened and tested what my body was actually producing and not producing. With the actual information she had she was able to treat me with the proper hormonal and digestive supplements/ medications. She worked with my family doctor for even a smoother course of treatment. I’ve had endometriosis and gut issues for years and no help after seeing many specialists and spending thousands of dollars. Dr. Meister has been the only provider to actually help and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in years!

It’s amazing to actually feel good and help spread my great success with lakeside to help others with issues they have struggled with for years. Not a single regret! The best ever!

—JG,43 year oldFemale

My experience at Lakeside Natural Medicine has been nothing but positive and life changing. Prior to attending Lakeside I had an unexplained weight gain, mood swings, irregular periods and low energy levels. In general I did not feel like myself. Today I am proud to say that I am the healthiest I have ever been. I am now able to maintain a healthy weight, regular energy levels, maintain better mental health and my menstrual cycles are back to normal. Four to five months after my first appointment is when I started to see these positive changes.

All of these changes were achievable with the helpful recommendations from the doctors at Lakeside. One of the first things I did was a saliva test that measured my hormone levels which were ultimately the causes of the negative changes in my body. I made dietary changes, started to take natural supplements and made more efforts to exercise.

Dr Meister was nothing but supportive, encouraging and professional as she helped me get to the root of my health issues. You can tell she truly cares for the well being of her patients and aims to provide the best long lasting natural solutions.

—ES,22 year oldFemale

Who knew healthy eating could be so easy and fun? Thanks to Dr. Axtell’s workshop, I learned how to eat more healthfully, make good choices and prepare delicious and healthy meals for my family. Without even being aware of it, I lost a few pounds and increased my energy. I’m literally bounding up the stairs at age 60! I feel terrific!

—JS,60 year oldFemale

"We feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Axtell. We originally sought treatment for my youngest child who has had food intolerances since birth. Despite having a wholesome diet and being an overall very healthy child, she was experiencing significant joint-pain that was progressively getting worse. Dr. Axtell provided supplements and we notice significant relief within days. Since then, we have been able to reintroduce most foods and only very rarely have issues with pain or GI discomfort. Because of the amazing results with my youngest, I began working with Dr. Axtell myself. She quickly identified significant hormonal, gut, and nutritional imbalances. Prior to working with Dr. Axtell, I was eating a healthy diet (low in sugar and refined grains, and high in protein and vegetables) and exercising regularly. However, I had chronic fatigue, difficulty focusing, sleeping, controlling blood sugar, excessive water retention, and it was very difficult for me to lose weight. Dr. Axtell did extensive blood, stool, and hormone testing to determine a treatment plan. Since implementing her plan, I feel better than I have my entire adult life and I’ve lost over 30 pounds without making significant changes to my diet or exercise routine. I honestly look back and can’t believe how I made it through the days feeling as awful as I did. If would absolutely recommend Dr. Axtell without reservations to anyone who is looking to feel better and identify health issues not commonly identified by general practitioners."

—JB,38 year oldFemale

Dr. Joanne Aponte's bedside manner is both calm and patient. She listens intently and then explains her recommendations in great detail and then provides my wellness plan printed for my convenience. She is very knowledgeable in naturopathic medicine. With her help I am symptom free, feel great and know I am leading a healthier life than before knowing her. I strongly recommend Dr. Aponte.

—CS,61 year oldFemale

Upon meeting Dr. Axtell, I found her to be respectful and professional, yet present and easygoing. In the short time that I have been seeing Dr. Axtell, my primary complaints of anxiety, low energy, insomnia and constipation, have diminished by 80-100%. She was very thorough with her questions and suggestions. Her suggestions ranged from incorporating more of an anti-inflammatory diet, seed cycling and some supplements, to creating new lifestyle habits. I began with adding deep relaxing breathing, especially before meals, and an earlier bedtime. I quickly noticed the positive effects upon my digestion, energy and sleep, as well as an inner calm which I am cultivating one moment at a time. Lastly, but just as importantly, Dr. Axtell listened, allowing my feelings to be felt as well, encouraging and inspiring me to start doing the same for myself. Thank you Dr. Axtell.

—KF,54 year oldFemale

I was so frustrated with so many other medical professionals not taking the time listen or care about me. Dr. Axtell takes the time to listen fully and understand. She also questions and gives me the room to ask my own questions and to think about what I can do differently to become healthier. Dr. Axtell helped me work through and heal so many life changing health issues. We worked together to get me through my first Ironman triathlon event, adrenal and thyroid support, depression and peri-menopause. Dr. Axtell allows me to be me, while also encouraging and challenging me to live a more wholesome, healthier lifestyle.

—CQ,51 year oldFemale

I came to Dr. Aponte looking for help clearing up my acne. I am 29 yrs old and started getting mild acne when I was about 25 years old. My first instinct was to see a dermatologist who put me on antibiotics and two topical creams. After one year on the treatment my skin looked great but I was concerned about the negative health affects these treatments may have been placing on my body. I decided to come off of the medicine and my face reacted horribly. I had worse acne than I’d ever had previously. Rather than run back to the dermatologist I came to Dr. Aponte. She spent time getting to know my health history, lifestyle choices and dietary habits. After a complete consultation she started me on a supplement regimen that has dramatically improved my skin and overall health. My acne is GONE and my face feels healthy again! I would highly recommend Dr. Aponte to anyone seeking help with a wellness issue.

—DF,29 year oldFemale

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