I am a whole new person now. Dr. Meister helped heal my acne, lose weight, and balance hormones - Lakeside Natural Medicine

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I came to Dr. Meister after over a year of struggling through symptoms of PCOS, mood issues, losing my period and ovulation, hormonal acne, and inability to lose weight. I had been turned away by my PCP, endocrinologist, and failed at trying to navigate my own treatment via “hormonal specialists” on the internet. In one conversation, she made me feel heard and validated everything I was going through with no surprise. She quickly went to work helping me and I am now on the other side of this hormonal healing journey. There’s still work ahead, but I am a whole new person now. They healed my acne, helped me lose weight, balanced my hormones, restored my cycle and chance of having children someday, and so much more! Doing phone call appointments and having supplements shipped to my home has taken all of the stress off of taking care of my health and having one less appointment to run around to. I’m so thankful for Lakeside for listening to me and healing the WHOLE me from the inside out rather than just putting bandaids on my symptoms. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

—LB,28 year oldFemale

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