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I visited Dr. Joanne Aponte after I discovered I had h. pylori bacteria in my system. My medical doctor put me on antibiotics that I had to stop taking after 24 hours due to intense side effects that included severe diarrhea and an extremely upset stomach. Dr. Aponte had me take some supplements for 30 days and at the end a medical test proved that the bacteria was no longer an issue. lt was a painless, side-effect minus protocol. Additionally, the recommendations from Dr. Aponte not only solved my immediate problem it also put me on a path to intestinal healing that has been an issue for me for years and years. I was unprepared for how wonderful it felt to once again not have an upset stomach after every meal I ate. I continue taking some supplements and have not had any of my past discomfort reappear. I cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to Dr. Aponte and the staff at Lakeside who have been unfailingly kind and professional at every visit. I will most definitely include Lakeside going forward with any health-related issues I have.

—AA, 74 year old Female

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