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ADHD symptoms improved by an Elimination Diet

BySarah Axtell, ND December 27, 2016

In this study 64% of children who followed an elimination diet for 4-9  weeks experienced significant improvement of ADHD symptoms and oppositional defiant disorder as compared with the control group.

An elimination diet is a restrictive diet that eliminates allergenic foods. In this study, the children in the diet group ate mostly meat, rice, vegetables, pears, water. These foods are typically pretty benign. Naturopathic doctors often prescribe an elimination diet when there is a question of an allergy or sensitivity. While these diets can be pretty radical, they can give us invaluable information. It is not a diet to sustain on forever- especially in kids. However, once the offending agent has been found, parents and naturopathic doctors can work with the child to eliminate the triggering food(s) for a symptom-free (ie. focus, attentive and overall healthy) kiddo! The diet should definitely be supervised by a naturopathic doctor. There is also food allergy testing available if this diet is not feasible for your family.

Take home message: Diet can have a significant impact on how children behave and other physical manifestations.  A healthy diet in childhood leads to a lifetime of good health.

Elimination diets not only applies to children with ADHD symptoms but to a wide array of conditions and disorders.

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Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health practitioners with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program.

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