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Menopause Misconceptions

BySarah Axtell, ND April 6, 2023

  1. Menopause is a medical condition. Simply not true! Menopause is the natural change in your hormones, specifically a decline in estrogen and progesterone. It is also a transitional time in your life where you can speak your truth, honor your wisdom, and nurture yourself.
  2. Weight gain is happening, and I must just have to surrender to it. Yes, weight gain can occur as the metabolism slows. But, I am here to teach you about your body and its new needs during this time. You likely need less carbs, less total calories, and more protein than you did prior to menopause. Cardio is less important, while strength training is a must! You bring self knowledge, I bring scientific knowledge of the human body, and together we come up with a plan that works for you.
  3. Hot flashes are just part of the deal and there is nothing I can do about it. While hot flashes are common during menopause, they don’t have to be your normal. There is so much we can do for hot flashes, such as minimizing dietary triggers (spicy foods, sugar, and wine….sorry!) and herbs.
  4. Sex is painful and libido tanks. While vaginal dryness is common (due to the decline in estrogen), it can be remedied with the right lubricant. I often recommend Julva cream, which can be used daily and/or prior to intercourse. Julva cream has nourishing emu oil and DHEA. If needed, estriol topical cream can also help. To enhance libido, I recommend maca powder and DHEA if indicated. And remember, this is a time that you are wiser and sexier than ever! It’s time to celebrate your wisdom, power, and age.
  5. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is required in order to feel well. While bio-identical hormone therapy can be helpful, it’s not for everyone and its certainly not the only solution. HRT is contraindicated in women with a history of breast cancer or other hormone-sensitive cancers. Herbs, such as black cohosh, vitex, maca, and dong quai can be incredibly helpful.

Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health practitioners with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program.

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