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Why Is Losing Weight So Difficult?

BySarah Axtell, ND December 29, 2023

Inability to lose weight is so often due to metabolic inflexibility. Our body has two main metabolic modes- sugar burning and fat burning. Sugar burning mode is like kindling on the fire. Fat burning mode is like putting a log on the fire. You need both for a great fire. But most people are only putting kindling on the fire. This is related to metabolic inflexibility and can lead to sugar cravings, fatigue, brain fog, and weight loss resistance.

Improving metabolic flexibility is key to not only weight loss but also for energy production, nutrient absorption, and optimal health

Metabolism is the process by which we take in nutrients and break them down for use in the body. In someone that is metabolically healthy, those nutrients are sent to their proper destinations. But when someone is metabolically unhealthy, many of the calories they consume end up where they are not needed.

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