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Cauli Mash- a healthy alterntative to mashed potatoes

BySarah Axtell, ND July 24, 2008

It’s not hard to get anyone in your family to eat mashed potatoes…but cauliflower is likely a different story. Potatoes are high on the glycemic index, meaning they spike your blood sugar and require a lot of insulin to bring it down. Its sort of like eating white bread. Cauliflower, on the other hand, is full of fiber and is very low on the glycemic index. Cauliflower is a member of the brassica family, which research has shown to be beneficial in warding off certain cancers. As if it could get any better- cauliflower is an excellent source of Vitamin C (with one full serving providing 77% of your daily value). It is also rich in Vitamin K, Folate, and Potassium.

Try cauli mash for a surprisingly delicious (and nutritious) twist on your mashed potatoes.

-1 head of cauliflower, steamed
-2-3 tablespoons of your favorite cheese or cheese substitute (I like to use crumbled goat cheese or nutritional yeast as a dairy-free alternative)
-1/4 cup milk or milk substitute (I use unsweetened almond milk)
-Plenty of dried herbs- thyme, rosemary, oregano
-1-2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
-Roasted garlic optional (this makes it DELISH! Stick about 1/2 bulb in the oven for 25 minutes until garlic is soft. Peel.)
-Salt and Pepper

Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender and blend until smooth.

If you are not ready to take the plunge for 100% cauliflower- try substituting 1/2 your potatoes for 1/2 head of cauliflower. Will make for a much more nutritious meal!

Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health practitioners with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program.

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