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Group Visits

Group Visits offer an innovative and interactive approach to addressing your health condition and meeting your health and wellness goals. While not the standard model of care, group visits are becoming more popular nationwide.

Patients with common health goals are brought together and led by Dr. Sarah Axtell in a supportive group environment. Each 75-minute visit allows patients to share experiences while also learning how to incorporate key elements to live a healthier life.

What can I expect at a Group Visit?

In an intimate group of approximately 8 patients, we will gather in our “food as medicine” kitchen. Dr. Axtell will educate patients on their common health concern and also allow space for individuals to ask questions, share concerns and experiences. The group visits are scheduled as a series of two 75-minute visits that are scheduled approximately four weeks apart.

Patients will work together with the doctor in a hands-on environment to prepare and taste therapeutic foods.

At the end of the visit all patients will leave with a wellness packet that include recommendations for a therapeutic diet, lifestyle interventions, recipes, resources, and supplements.

Benefits include:

  • Connectivity to others with similar health conditions and similar health goals
  • Tools for lasting change using “food as medicine
  • Practical advice to use in your everyday life
  • Opportunities to ask questions in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Value of two visits for the price of one in a supportive group setting
  • Sense of community to support healthy habits

Current Offerings:

For current series dates, or to book your spot for one of the group visit series, call the office at (414)939-8748.



Naturopathic wellness services are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment from your medical treatment provider.

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