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Natural Digestive Aids

By Sarah Axtell, ND on November 11, 2012

Natural Solutions for a happy, healthy gut during the holidays Maybe you’ve overindulged in a rich food or you’ve eaten something that you are intolerant to or you’ve helped yourself to seconds or thirds at a holiday party. If any of these scenarios sound all… Read More

Building a Healthy Terrain

By Sarah Axtell, ND on September 30, 2012

Do you ever wonder why some people always tend to get sick but others who are exposed to the same microbes can successfully ward off illness? This is because those individuals who do not get sick have a healthy terrain. An alternative view of illness… Read More

Considerations Before Vaccinating Your Child

By Sarah Axtell, ND on September 15, 2012

I am not anti-vaccination. I am simply in favor of safer vaccinations administered  to healthy children over an extended time period.  These are not easy decisions, and I encourage parents to become well-informed before making them. Here are some considerations on the topic of vaccines:… Read More

Preventing Cancer with Collard Wraps

By Sarah Axtell, ND on September 11, 2012

Collard greens belong to the cruciferous vegetable family.  Cruciferous vegetable consumption has been implicated in the prevention of many different cancers, including lymphoma, breast, prostate, bladder, and lung cancer. Cruciferous vegetables contain the anti-cancer substances, sulforophane and indole-3-carbinol. Sources of cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, broccoli… Read More

Laughter as Medicine

By Sarah Axtell, ND on September 11, 2012

When was the last time you had a gut-wrenching laugh? Surround yourself with people that make you laugh to reap all the healthy benefits… Laughter relaxes the whole body Laughter boosts the immune system, decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells, thus improving your resistance… Read More

Natural Solutions for Hypothyroidism

By Sarah Axtell, ND on May 16, 2012

Hypothyroidism is  on the rise, and conventional management of the condition is typically Synthroid or other thyroid hormone replacement therapy. For some, this may make you feel better in the short term; however, you may notice that your doctor continues to increase your dose each… Read More

The Cholesterol Controversy

By Sarah Axtell, ND on May 7, 2012

The majority of people associate high cholesterol with high fat diets and an increased risk of heart disease. This has given eggs and saturated fat a bad reputation. Lipitor and other cholesterol-lowering medications are routinely prescribed, and some researchers even joke that they should be… Read More

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